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Marketing Is Ongoing!

In the world of marketing and advertising, your work is never over.  No, there is not a silver bullet that used just once, will do all that you are hoping for.  Marketing and advertising require reinventing on a regular basis without neglecting your branding message.  So how do you create an effective marketing campaign that inspires, promotes and retains brand […]

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Engage Your Customers/Prospects

Creating advertising copy that connects with key emotions is critical to grabbing customers’ attention. Below are five key “emotional factors” that frequently influence people’s buying decisions. Incorporating one or two of these in your advertising copy is sure to stir their emotions and get them hooked on what you’re selling. Value has become a hot trend in marketing. And while […]

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Direct Mail Marketing

Many people believe that traditional marketing has no place anymore with all the electronic options now available. Having used both successfully, I believe the combination of the two is the best marketing approach to obtain the highest response rates from your efforts. So how do you improve the success rates of your direct mail? One of the biggest advantages of […]

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Some of our Favorite Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing Here are some of our favorite direct marketing tips to get the most out of your campaign. Personalize whenever and as often as possible Keep your message short and to the point Pictures and white space will help break up copy and have more eye appeal Keep the message positive Offer a free trial—this will help eliminate […]

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