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Traditional Marketing

Some of our Favorite Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing

Here are some of our favorite direct marketing tips to get the most out of your campaign.

      1. Personalize whenever and as often as possible
      2. Keep your message short and to the point
      3. Pictures and white space will help break up copy and have more eye appeal
      4. Keep the message positive
      5. Offer a free trial—this will help eliminate some of the fear of risk
      6. Use bullet points
      7. Get it “write”—hire a professional copywriter
      8. Make sure the offer is easy to understand
      9. Success stories and testimonials are always good to use
      10. Offer must be easy to understand and obtain
      11. Limit the offer to a time or the number of first responders
      12. Make sure your font size is easy to read and the same font is used throughout
      13. You’ve got to give the reader instructions on what you want them to do—a “call to action”
      14. Mail frequently
      15. To increase your response rate, offer a free item or service
      16. What is your hook to get the reader to respond?
      17. Show website on your mailer to direct recipients to your site for more detailed information
      18. Use graphics and color to support the message and text
      19. Why should someone buy?  You’ve got to tell them why.
      20. Test and Track all responses and adjust your campaign accordingly

Try these and see the success of your marketing campaign improve.

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