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Marketing Is Ongoing!

In the world of marketing and advertising, your work is never over.  No, there is not a silver bullet that used just once, will do all that you are hoping for.  Marketing and advertising require reinventing on a regular basis without neglecting your branding message.  So how do you create an effective marketing campaign that inspires, promotes and retains brand loyalty on an ongoing basis?

Continually exposing the same messaging over a prolonged period of time will lead to stagnation and ineffectiveness.  Eventually, you’ll fail not only to inspire brand loyalty, but also to retain it. Even companies like Burger King, one of the world’s most valuable brands, reinvents its messaging and image when it decides they have begun to lose effectiveness.  They do this by changing the messaging, adding new products or promoting different specific products but maintain their branding message.

One effective method of marketing is to produce advertising pieces that not only promote a product, but that also appeal to emotions.  Burger King, for example, accomplishes this by promoting that you can have your meal just the way you like … Have it your way!

Although a calculated and well thought out advertising campaign may do a good job of creating or reinforcing brand awareness, it may fall short of inducing product preference or your goal for the purchase.  For this reason, don’t rely on advertising as a complete solution.  Instead, support it with marketing and sales promotion to help trigger a purchase.

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