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Engage Your Customers/Prospects

Creating advertising copy that connects with key emotions is critical to grabbing customers’ attention. Below are five key “emotional factors” that frequently influence people’s buying decisions. Incorporating one or two of these in your advertising copy is sure to stir their emotions and get them hooked on what you’re selling.

  1. Value has become a hot trend in marketing. And while value is a seemingly rational appeal, it can be an emotional one as well. For example, when a company says, “Find a lower price anywhere — and we’ll match it!” it creates a sense of trust, yet few customers will actually research lower prices.
  2. Trust is a hot-button issue that every company is wisely attempting to jump on. Cell phone companies, with their “no hidden fees” promises, are a perfect example of this trust-style marketing.
  3. Belonging. Most everyone desires a sense of belonging. Capitalize on this emotion with appeals to “community,” “group” or “family.”
  4. Trend setting. Everyone wants to be with-it, and lots of people want to be at the forefront of fashion and trends. Copy that makes individuals feel like they’re at the forefront of trends is a stand-by tactic for targeting anyone, in any age group.
  5. Time. Busy people want quick service and easy-to-use products. Copy that promises instant gratification (like “one-hour service” or “same-day delivery”) or copy that promises time-saving benefits (“cuts the time it takes to prepare dinner in half!”) is also extremely effective.

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