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Summer Marketing Ideas

During the summer many businesses feel the challenges of slower sales if they aren’t in the vacation, summer or hospitality-type industries. Don’t do like many and go on vacation now! This is the time to ramp it up and take advantage of the slower business cycle and revitalize your existing customer relationships. Some of the easiest marketing can also be […]

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Direct Mail Marketing

Many people believe that traditional marketing has no place anymore with all the electronic options now available. Having used both successfully, I believe the combination of the two is the best marketing approach to obtain the highest response rates from your efforts. So how do you improve the success rates of your direct mail? One of the biggest advantages of […]

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Some of our Favorite Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing Here are some of our favorite direct marketing tips to get the most out of your campaign. Personalize whenever and as often as possible Keep your message short and to the point Pictures and white space will help break up copy and have more eye appeal Keep the message positive Offer a free trial—this will help eliminate […]

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Marketing and Donor Requests

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is defined as “…the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.” Nearly all nonprofit organizations have a goal or objective they want to attain. In the process of reaching that goal, they need “donors” who […]

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