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Summer Marketing Ideas

During the summer many businesses feel the challenges of slower sales if they aren’t in the vacation, summer or hospitality-type industries. Don’t do like many and go on vacation now! This is the time to ramp it up and take advantage of the slower business cycle and revitalize your existing customer relationships.

Some of the easiest marketing can also be the least expensive and most effective. Here are some simple steps to take now:

    • Contact your existing customers and thank them for their business. Write a thank you card, call them personally to thank them, send them a personalized email. Make it personal and sincere. Let them know you appreciate their business.- Give an incentive to your customers to come back to you. Offer a discount off a product or service, “for our valued clients only.”
    • Introduce a referral program that offers a special gift, product, service or cash for referrals.
    • Ask your business partners, customers, vendors and/or friends to help you get the word out about your business to those they know and do business with.
    • Use Social Media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter to get a buzz going about your business and offerings. Sign up for on-line community sites.
    • Look for a new market for your product or service. Are you bidding on government agency requests? Government continually has product and service needs, and they spend a lot of money to fulfill those needs.

Do some or all of these then ENJOY the SUMMER!

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