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How to Survive a Down Economy

Generating sales leads is the key to a business’ survival, especially in a down economy.

I am always surprised when I meet with a business owner who expresses that they can’t afford to do any marketing or advertising in this slow economy.  My response is always the same, “How can you afford not to?”

For those of you who struggle with the idea of spending money to get new clients/customers, here is an inexpensive way that has worked for us for over 20 years.  Make some calls!

    • Hire someone to make 100 calls for you every day, using a strong sales script.
    • Those 100 calls should result in two immediate appointments for your salespeople.
    • Within the next two weeks, two more appointments will come in from those first 100 calls. So you are actually getting four or more leads from your daily 100 calls.
    • Keep making calls to new prospects every day, without fail, and watch how the number of viable leads will increase because of calls that were made in previous days. Before long, you will be getting three or more strong sales leads a day, and possibly more.   Just don’t call the same people too often.
    • And remember, results will increase if you hire additional representatives to make 200, 300, or more calls every day.
    • If you can’t afford to hire someone to make these calls for you, then dedicate a day or two per week and get on the phone.

The worst thing anybody can tell you is “no”—and that means you are just that much closer to a “YES”!

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