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Businesses All Want the Same Things—Don’t They?

Most businesses owners believe that their business is different from all others.  This may be true in some senses of the word, but in the area of marketing and what a business wants, most companies are usually very similar.  Businesses want to keep or improve their margins, get more bang for their buck from their marketing and advertising, attract and retain more loyal customers, increase the conversion ratios for their sales people … and ultimately, they all want to make more money.

At the same time, all prospects and customers want similar things. They want to get the best deal on a product or service in terms of price and value. They want to feel confident that their money has been well spent and that their decision has been made to the best of their ability.

The process and principles that govern the matching of these two sets of values are exactly the same for every business, in terms of marketing.  It’s really simple—figure out what’s important to your prospects, educate them as to what constitutes the best deal in your industry, and then show them quantifiable proof that you actually provide that best deal, in terms of price and value.  You must communicate all of that to them in a clear, engaging way so they will pay attention, believe, and take action.

Easy enough, right?

Here’s what marketing is supposed to do to obtain those goals:

1) Capture the attention of your target market.

2) Give them enough information to facilitate their making the best decision possible when buying whatever you sell.

3) Lower prospects’ risk of the taking the next step in the buying process, so you can further educate them and lead them into a sale.

Effective marketing results in accomplishing these three objectives—causing your prospects and customers to conclude that buying from you is the best decision that anyone could make.

The challenge today is much as it’s always been—to cut through the noise of a crowded market in order to accomplish your goals. But the world is noisier than ever before, as people communicate on an ever-growing number of channels.

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