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What is Guerrilla Marketing and Is It Right For Your Business?

Guerrilla marketing, as described by J. Levinson in his book Guerrilla Marketing, is an unconventional way of performing marketing activities (primarily promotion) on a very low budget.

Levinson claims that small entrepreneurial firms are very different from large firms.  And we agree. He quotes a Harvard Business Review article by Welsh and White which says that small business is not a little version of big business. There is much more to it than just a question of scale. The biggest difference is the relative “resource poverty” of small businesses. Because of this lack of resources, small business must use an altogether different set of marketing strategies and tactics than big business.

A typical entrepreneur should use such guerrilla tactics as:

    • a word-of-mouth campaign
    • personal canvassing
    • telemarketing by all members of the firm
    • personal letters
    • advertisements in Newspapers/Yellow Pages/Facebook/Google+
    • personal meetings
    • circulars and printed brochures distributed at parking lots, homes, offices, malls, etc.
    • classified ads on Craig’s List
    • ads in local community newspapers or vehicles like Patch
    • billboards (although these can be expensive)
    • movie theaters
    • truck and automotive signs
    • direct mail campaigns
    • postcards
    • seminars, lectures and demonstrations
    • searchlights
    • flags and banners
    • t-shirts
    • matches, pens and calendars

When J Levinson wrote the book, there was no sign yet of the new marketing platform that has burst onto the scene—Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM can be very helpful in acquiring new customers.

It is up to the guerrilla marketer to be creative and devise unconventional methods of promotion. In addition, small enterprises must leverage their personal contacts, both professional and friends/family to their fullest. They should also examine their company, and its products, looking for sources of publicity.  However, it might be prudent to point out that some forms of publicity can be very inexpensive.

It is argued that if you use these guerrilla tactics, you will find your small size an advantage. You will be able to obtain publicity more easily than a large company. You will be closer to your customer and more agile.

Although guerrilla marketing was designed for small business, it can also be used by large businesses.

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