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Website Design & Development

Whether 7 pages or 130, websites can be complicated animals. Marketing À La Carte has a straightforward, friendly system for designing and developing websites.

Research:  We begin with a questionnaire you fill out to help us establish the primary goal(s) of your site, decision maker(s) and basic information.

Proposal: We will provide you with a written proposal outlining the proposed architecture of the site (delineating how many pages and proposed content), costs and timing. You will find a wide variety of pricing in the industry. Basically, the cost to build a site depends on how much time is spent developing the number of pages, creating design, sourcing images, adding special coding, etc. so each site is custom. We generally offer a price range, as once we delve into a site, we discover its particular complexities.

Creative process: After an initial consultation, you will be provided with a proposed site map indicating all pages and subpages, and a wireframe, or simple design mockup of your home page. Once these items have been approved, we move into design, showing your Home Page only until design direction is firmly established. After Home Page approval, we build and populate the rest of the pages. You can provide images and/or we can source images from stock photography.

Content development and editing: We recommend all content be written by you as you are the best authority on relevant content for your business. We provide editing and advice on appropriate copy and length. Copywriting can also be provided.

Content management system (CMS): We build websites that will allow you to later edit and update copy and images using a simple WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) text editor or advanced code view editor. You will be able to add additional pages or remove existing pages, establish links and upload PDFs, Word documents, etc. for download.

Hosting: We do not provide hosting services, but can assist you in establishing domain and hosting.

Maintenance: We provide (and recommend) maintenance on a separate contract.