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How To Grab Your Prospect’s Attention

Does your marketing material grab your prospect’s attention long enough to convince them to investigate further?  If not, you are probably missing out on opportunities that could get your reader to take some desired action, such as visiting your website or calling.

If you received your own marketing piece, ask yourself:
  1. Does your headline grab you enough to want to read the fine print? If your headline doesn’t grab your attention, it won’t grab a prospect’s attention. Readers first read headlines, then decide to read or skip the fine print. To entice your prospects to keep reading, make sure your headline states a problem or a benefit that speaks clearly to that particular audience.
  2. Do you explain your headlines in the copy that follows? Once the reader is willing to read the finer print below the headline, make sure you provide the solution or an enticing explanation of that headline in the copy that follows. Readers will quit reading after less than a paragraph if they feel the headline just set them up and didn’t explain itself promptly.
  3. Does the copy clearly speak to your target reader? If you sell to consumers, keep in mind their age, level of education, interests, etc. For instance, copy to teenagers should read completely differently than copy directed at an age 55+ audience.
  4. If you sell to businesses, determine the role your prospect plays in his company and then find out what matters most to him or that group, in using your services and products. Make sure your copy speaks loudly and clearly to that reader.
  5. Is your audience knowledgeable about what you offer? Do you need to educate them about your products and services? Don’t use jargon, slang or highly technical language (unless your audience truly knows the meaning of those technical terms). Try your copy on someone who is not familiar with your product, and see what words and phrases they stumble over. Then find ways to make that language more understandable.
  6. Does your copy use action verbs instead of “to be” verbs? One of the simplest, yet most powerful ways to liven up your marketing copy is to change “to be” verbs into action verbs. Replace verbs such as is, are, was, were, has, and have with in-the-present action words.
  7. Does your company come across as having expertise and qualifications? You need to convince prospects your company is trustworthy and experienced. Achieve this with relevant information on your company’s background, testimonials from satisfied clients, certifications and awards. Also you might want to mention any professional organizations you belong to, continuing education seminars and training you and your staff take, and any boards or non-profit organizations you participate in.
  8. Where’s your contact info? Your company’s contact information needs to be easily found. If you can’t find your company’s contact information quickly, it needs to be better positioned.
  9. What is your call to action? Whether you want the prospect to immediately visit your website, make a purchase, fill out a form and mail it in, call for a free consultation, or join your newsletter list, use language that clearly tells the reader the next step they need to take. Consider offering a freebie or an incentive to make that next step more enticing.
If you do it correctly, your copy will do its intended job.  If it doesn’t, you need to rework it yourself or hire a professional to assist you.

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